Daedalus (against walls)

Daedalus was imprisoned by king Minos in the Labyrinth — a maze that he himself had built by order of the king. But the legendary architect later managed to find an exit from the Labyrinth and flew away.
What we define as "self" seems to be nothing more than a construction of consciousness, a complex, yet illusory network that is instantly formed when we awaken memories or recount a story, when we sense that a cycle in our life is closing or when we make plans for the future. However, this structure is occasionally shattered, and we are more than eager to rebuild it anew, even if we often feel imprisoned within it.
This body of work attempts to bring to the surface such a fragile construction and delve into the paradox of personal identity, by putting together the scattered pieces of a mirror reflecting memories, dreams, desires, fears and traumas; the meeting point of these unseen realities could possibly uncover the way out.

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