Daedalus (against walls)

Daedalus was imprisoned by king Minos in the Labyrinth — a maze that he himself had built by order of the king. But the legendary architect later managed to escape from the Labyrinth and flew away.
What we define as "self" seems to be nothing more than a construction of consciousness, a complex network that weaves itself incessantly and nurtures an illusory sense of continuity mainly emerging when we recall memories or stories, when we feel that a cycle of our life comes to a close or when we make plans for the future. Although we often feel trapped within this structure, we constantly update it, as persistently as Joseph Grand (in the Plague by Albert Camus) rewrites the first sentence of his still unwritten book over and over again, in his effort to refine it.
This photographic body of work attempts to bring to the surface such a fragile construction and delve into the paradox of personal identity, by putting together the scattered pieces of a mirror reflecting memories, dreams, desires, fears and traumas. The meeting point of these unseen yet intertwined realities could trigger a shift in perspective, revealing the way out.

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