Nikos Papangelis is a visual artist based in Athens, incorporating photography and video in his practice. Behind his creative process lies his interest in the invisible aspects of reality that play a substantial role in life. He studied photography at Stereosis School of Photography and has attended various seminars and workshops on photography. He also holds a BA in history and archaeology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and an MA in filmmaking (specialised in cinematography) from Goldsmiths, University of London. He is currently studying for a Master's degree in photography and visual language at AKTO - Middlesex University. His work has been presented in various international publications, group exhibitions and festivals. He is co-editor of the photography platform Unfold.

online publications:

Breathing Through The Uncertain, Kiosk der Demokratie (2023)
Breathing Through The Uncertain, Urbanautica (2021)
Breathing Through The Uncertain, Phases Magazine (2021)
Daedalus (against walls), Float Magazine (2021)
Selected Work, Der Greif Guest Room: Lucy Soutter (2021)
Selected Works, Der Greif Guest Room: Marie Gomis-Trezise (2020)
Daedalus (against walls), Photologio (2020)
Daedalus (against walls), Kiosk der Demokratie (2020)
Daedalus (against walls), PHROOM Magazine (2018)
Daedalus (against walls), AINT – BAD Magazine (2018)
Selected Works, Phases Magazine (2017)
Selected Work, Whitelight Rooms (2016)

printed publications:

Breathing Through The Uncertain, Understanding The Change - Identity.Culture.Nature (SIZ Edizioni – Ashtart Consultancy, 2022)
Daedalus (against walls), Unfold 01: Counterfeit / Counterfate (2019)
Daedalus (against walls), AINT – BAD Magazine, Issue No.13 (2018)

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